STAY to premier official music video, 12/12, 12am

by mikeflanagan1

Boston-based pop-rock act Stay has been taking New England by storm and making their presence known to the farthest corners of the United States for the past two years.

To add to the already promising success of their EP, Games With Girls, Stay is slated to premier their first official music video for “Maddie kthx” on the front page of Purevolume tonight (12/12) at midnight. Directed by Shane Nelson, whose resume includes Motion City Soundtrack, Sing It Loud, and NOFX, to name a few, the video promises to launch Stay to an even higher plateau. You can check out clips of the video below.

Be sure to jump on the Stay band wagon before they explode…a band like this won’t stay a secret for long. Whispers are circling the country already.

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