New Antlers Video: “Bear”

by mikeflanagan1

The Antlers premiered their video for “Bear” yesterday, a song off their outstanding album Hospice. The album is a narrative told from the standpoint of a man whose (ex-?) wife/(ex-?) girlfriend/(ex-?) significant other is slowly dying of cancer. At least, that’s how I understand it. It is widely accepted that “Bear” is about abortion, with lines like “There’s a bear inside your stomach / The cub’s been kicking you for weeks / And if this isn’t all a dream / Then we’ll cut him from beneath,” but to me, that just doesn’t fit with the story. Could the “bear” represent a tumor instead of an unborn fetus? Before I saw the video, I thought so. However, after watching Peter Silberman & Co. helping an agonizing woman heave her gigantic black ball up a hill in a wagon, I’m not so sure.