Good Old War 2nd full-length out June 1

by mikeflanagan1

From the press release:

GOOD OLD WAR’s sophomore release is the result of several winter months spent holed up in a remote house in the Pocono Mountains, where band mates Keith Goodwin, Dan Schwartz and Tim Arnold crafted this earnest, original collection of songs in near-isolation. The album explores weightier topics such as love, loss and addiction, and the band experimented with new instruments, techniques and conventions to push the boundaries of their familiar indie rock/folk territory. 

Sounds a lot like Bon Iver? That’s in no way a bad thing. I’ll take Good Old War’s mastery of block harmony coupled with Bon Iver’s scenic backdrop any day. Whereas the debut is inherently sunny, it will be interesting to hear a winter-born GOW record. The album is set for release on June 1. According to the press release, it will be self-titled.