New Coldplay – “Don Quixote” (live)

by mikeflanagan1

Listen to Coldplay perform a new song entitled “Don Quixote” about “the magic escape that the band receives when [they] come to Latin America.” Chris Martin dedicated the song to the fans in Buenos Aires, Argentina, because everyone “from Bono to Beyonce” says they make up the best crowds (for gigantic and absurdly famous artists to play in front of). All subtle douchebaggery aside, the song follows the track of the fantastic Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends with its colorfully pounding kick drum and atmospheric strumming. As annoying as the token “Ole’s” in the bridge may be, the song is further proof why, for some reason, Coldplay can do self-righteous, obnoxious, gimmicky shit all they want and still be a great band.