Green Day have begun demoing…

by mikeflanagan1

…oh, goodie.

I’ve never been the biggest Green Day fan, but something has to be said of their last album, 21st Century Breakdown, when the only people who will speak in its favor are the Grammy panel and a friend of mine who, for the past ten years or so, has refused to acknowledge the fact that Green Day is not the greatest band to ever exist. Really. 

All bias aside, though, I can’t in good conscious rag too hard on their older material, American Idiot somewhat included. But 21st Century Breakdown seemed to be an attempted recreation of something that should never be recreated in American Idiot. Whether you love it or hate it, AI should have been an experimental delve into theatrical cheese-rock that, for better or for worse, should have been followed by a more return-to-form endeavor. Instead, 21st Century Breakdown offers us a safe, watered-down extension of the band’s most successful release. It’s no surprised it was shooed-in as Best Rock Album.

Why can’t any of them look into the camera in such a non-candid promo shot? Probably the same reason Mike Dirnt so gracefully ignores the broadway singer slobbering all over him, or the same reason Billie Joe Armstrong pumps his fists with the 25-some-odd-person ensemble of background singers at Green Day’s Grammy performance. If Green Day are content playing in the background of upscale theater productions for the rest of their career, all the more power to them. But I think fans and non-fans alike would appreciate it if, with their upcoming album, which Armstrong told Kerrang would be completed sooner rather than later, they chose either Broadway or their original don’t-give-a-fuck punk image. I truly don’t care either way, but you can’t have both. It only makes for shitty, cautious music.