Universal to price CD’s under $10

by mikeflanagan1

As part of a U.S. pricing test, Universal Music Group will begin to release (almost) all of its albums between $6 and $10.

Billboard words it much more eloquently, but UMG’s essential goal is to pull the average music consumer’s head out of his asshole and into record stores to revive the paid music industry. The label hopes that, if the experiment is successful, other major labels will follow.

To me, they are about 10 years too late. ‘So you’re telling me people are more likely not to seek illegal alternatives to spending $16 on a CD they might not even like?’ No fuck they are. If this plan were implemented and duplicated around 2000 when the mp3 age began, think of how much smaller an impact music piracy would have had on the industry. Major labels could have nipped this in the bud years ago, but instead waited around to see if the phase would pass (if technology would slow down? Are you fucking serious?) or if they could deter millions of people from downloading trillions of files by legal force.

But that didn’t quite pan out. All the industry’s stubbornness and ineptness aside, I applaud UMG for finally catering to the consumer’s needs and desires rather than trying to impose theirs on the consumer. In an age where Americans are truly unable to spend $16+ on a CD and artists are actually becoming quite good at guilting fans into purchasing their music (how many times have you read on forums, ‘i just downloaded the leak! but im def. gunna buy it at Best Buy when it comes out!’?), UMG bided its time pretty well on this one.

I hope that consumers see this as a way to reset the balance of things and that other labels follow. The internet is great, and I download my fair share of music as well, but sometimes we forget that the few artists and labels with integrity still need to put bread on the table.