Vin Accardi denies potential Brand New hiatus

by mikeflanagan1

In a recent interview with Press Record Online, Vin Accardi, guitarist and owner of exactly one half of the songwriting credits on Daisy, said this about the prospect of a Brand New hiatus/breakup:

We’ve never said anything like that, the only thing I know we have said, because it’s still the truth, is that we would just like a little time to collect ourselves and just figure out what the next best thing for us is and how to keep ourselves happy and continue to exist as the members of ‘Brand New’. That’s all. We’re not saying we hate our lives or we’re sick of what we do or anything like that; it’s just that we’re all at different places in our lives. We have different responsibilities. This isn’t the only thing anymore, there are relationships to be tended to and other interests to be fulfilled and we’re never going to give this up, we’re going to keep going for as long as it’s fun. And it still is, but we just have a few things to get in order, that’s all. It’s not the last you’ll be hearing from us, I can guarantee you that. 

Even though anyone with half a brain could have told you that in the first place, it’s still good to hear straight from the source. I don’t know how many interviews these guys have to do to convince everyone that they don’t hate their lives or their livelihood. They just happen to be really good at writing dark music and really bad at whoring themselves out like too many of their peers. There are too many arrogant pricks touring around and selling albums in the country for the press and fans to be punishing one of the most humble bands to find any amount of success in the past ten years. Give ’em a break. And thank them for two of the best album of the decade.