Old lineup of Taking Back Sunday to reform?

by mikeflanagan1

After their last two albums of utter shit, I didn’t think I’d be writing about Taking Back Sunday when I started this blog. I could rag on the “new” TBS endlessly, but I think, perhaps subconsciously, because their first two albums played such a huge role in my adolescence, I’ve spared them.

But it is with the highest and most profound sense of hopefulness and optimism that I bring (or, rather, relay) this exciting news:

It looks as though the original* lineup, the one with John Nolan and Shaun Cooper, the one that brought us Tell All Your Friends, will reform.

In recent days, bassist Matt Rubano and new(est) guitarist Matt Fazzi announced on the band’s website that they would be leaving Taking Back Sunday. Now, when you visit takingbacksunday.com, this image pops up:

The two faceless figures on the left are unmistakably original guitarist/vocalist/songwriter John Nolan and original bassist Shaun Cooper. Both Nolan and Cooper were members of the recently defunct Straylight Run after they left Taking Back Sunday.

And if you need more, Nolan’s last two Twitter updates have read, “LOOK OUT!!!” and “My legal team has advised me not to comment at this time.” 

As exciting as this news is, it is somewhat nerve-racking as well. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I began to think of how in the world the humble and unassuming Nolan and the cocky and increasingly flamboyant Adam Lazarra will learn to write songs together again. But, time will tell. Anything Nolan does, I back 100%. Especially if it can blast me back to 2001 in a jetpack like this news has succeeded in doing in the past 10 minutes since I discovered it.

Besides, what does anyone have to lose? Straylight Run is now dead, and TBS has been dead to me for years. If Nolan, whose songwriting has only improved and matured since he’s crawled quietly out of the limelight, can inject some life back into this battered and formaldehyde-logged corpse of a band, I am all for it. If they are too far gone, Nolan goes back to his as-of-yet slightly underwhelming but solid and promising solo career and we are exactly where we started.

I don’t think Taking Back Sunday could ever recreate Tell All Your Friends. In fact, I’d be surprised if, nostalgia aside, I’ll even enjoy whatever they come out with. But the prospect of such a reunion, especially if I can accept the resultant product as, pound-for-pound, a success, is indescribably refreshing to someone who loves to see the best in bands he loved as a child. In the years since Nolan and Cooper left, it has gotten more and more impossible for me to do so in TBS. This is my completely unexpected last chance.

Bring me something reminiscent of this, and I’ll be happy:

UPDATE: http://img683.yfrog.com/i/mw1q.jpg/
*I use the term “original” loosely, of course.