Album Review: Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame (ANTI-)

by mikeflanagan1

It took me a few listens to figure out why everyone seems to be all about Dr. Dog lately. It has been a while since I crawled out of my everything-that-sounds-remotely-folky-and-underproduced-with-simple-chords-and-vocal-harmonies-is-awesome phase. For a while, I had a bit of trouble placing a divider between Dr. Dog and that all-too-ubiquitous style that has suddenly become uncool by becoming cool. I’m not sure if the band’s recent buzz made me try harder to like it or to hate it, but either way, I found the wrinkle that makes Dr. Dog worth a good deal of the praise they’ve garnered lately: it’s not the 60s-rock gimmick, but the songwriting and subtleties that make Shame Shame a downright pleasant listening experience…
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