New Band of Horses: “Laredo”

by mikeflanagan1


Band of Horses has certainly maintained a strong Web presence leading up to their May 18 release of Infinite Arms. Shortly after they posted a tracklisting apparently straight from the band computer, they posted the gigantic “Compliments” on the front page of in the form of a trippy(ish) slideshow. Now Band of Horses offers us a sneak peak at the new album from a different angle with “Laredo” streaming from the band’s website. The song follows the classic Band of Horses formula with a squeaky-clean tinge, something that might be concerning if it were a surefire radio hit. Ben Bridwell & co. seem to be thinking a bit bigger with Infinite Arms in terms of sound, but not necessarily record sales and airplay. The guitar tones are still a little hairy and grimy like Bridwell’s beard, but his authentically sweet vocals are a fine-tooth comb to sift out the unnecessary dirt. The result is something I might have to get used to, but nothing to worry about.