Going to the woods…

by mikeflanagan1

If there’s one thing I learned this summer, it’s that nothing destroys creative momentum like a 60-hour-a-week factory job. Not for lack of ideas; in fact, I can’t remember the last period of time in which my mind raced so tirelessly with any and all kinds of lyrical, literary, journalistic, and musical ideas. It’s amazing what counting cups on an assembly line for 10-14 hours a day can do for one’s artistic juices. But much to my dismay, work has forced me to spend my nights turning in early and seeing the number 32 in my sleep instead of continuing my never-ending quest to carve my niche into the Internet. 

With a new semester about to begin, during which I will be taking an actual course called Music Journalism, among other ridiculous art camp-sounding classes, I’m vowing to dedicate a large portion of my free (and class) time to keeping up, improving, expanding, and promoting my blog/portfolio. As I did this summer, I plan to begin my junior-and-one-quarter year with plenty of ambitious ideas. Unlike the summer, however, this semester should allow me enough free time to allot a portion of it to activities other than sleeping, with blogging/reviewing/commenting/musing at the top of the list. 

In other words, I’m going to the woods. Less literally than Thoreau dude.