Stream new Jimmy Eat World single off Invented: “My Best Theory”

by mikeflanagan1

Earlier today, Jimmy Eat World asked fans to tweet (or the Facebook version of tweeting) about their upcoming album, Invented, the follow-up to 2007’s sorely disappointing Chase This Light

However, if my Tweet-dar is sharp as ever, the site went down before JEW could follow through on their promise. 

But here’s the good news: you can still stream the lead single and opening track on Invented, “My Best Theory,” here (or at the bottom of this post). 

The bad news is that it may take some getting used to. Just as hard as it is for me to put my finger on why I love Jimmy Eat World so much, it’s hard for me to articulate why I am so put off by Chase This Light. On paper, it offers everything that made Bleed American and Futures so timeless: diesel-engine guitars that double as delicate vehicles of flurrylike ambience (see “Drugs or Me,” “23”), slightly obvious but tastefully to-the-point rhythms and song structures, and frontman Jim Adkins’ innocuous but bitingly honest lyrics. But there is something–some thing–that keeps Chase This Light from hauling its bottom-heavy ass just over the bar that separates great albums from simply inoffensive ones. It’s something impalpable, something that words cannot touch or articulate, but an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that makes the decision to keep it out of my CD changer.

And my fear is that “My Best Theory” might just have that inscrutable quality that sets me up for the disheartening idea that Chase This Light might not have been a fluke; that Jimmy Eat World has been on a 6am Boston traffic-paced but steady decline since Clarity and they’ve finally reached their full potential as middle-aged makers of overly polished, ricecake-bland rock music. The song’s foundation is a 4-note, drawn-out guitar riff that pales in comparison to the central riffs in “Futures,” “Just Tonight,” “Goodbye Sky Harbor,” and the like. The chorus is a half-time slice away from “Get It Faster,” and the melody seems borderline uninspired. 

But then again, it’s far too early to tell. If there’s one band on the planet that can plant a seed in a listener’s brain and see to it that it grows on them, it’s Jimmy Eat World. Besides, I thought “Big Casino” was a sign of great things to come with Chase This Light, and I was dead wrong. Maybe the fact that “My Best Theory” seems to dip a few inches below my expectations speaks well of the rest of the album?

And speaking of the rest of the album, JEW also released a slightly more promising one-minute clip of the second track off Invented, “Heart is Hard to Find.” You can stream that and “My Best Theory” below.

Jimmy Eat World – “My Best Theory”

Jimmy Eat World – “Heart is Hard to Find” (clip)

Invented will hit stores on September 28th via Interscope.