The Shuffle: Thrice – “Stand And Feel Your Worth”

by mikeflanagan1

Every day (or so) (starting today), I put my iTunes on shuffle. Whatever song comes on, whether it’s an old favorite, current gem, or something straight out of left field, will be the subject of my as-of-now obligatory daily blog post.

Of all Thrice’s albums, I’ve always felt Vheissu has the most to offer and stands up better than any of the others. It’s still pretty much the only one I go back to every now and then. “Stand And Feel Your Worth” fairly represents each element of Vheissu‘s core: it creeps into actuality from a smokey ether and detonates promptly into a barrier of steely guitars punctuated by Dustin Kensrue’s catlike whisper-to-scream vocals. It comes up for air with a subdued Wurly solo just before Kensrue’s dynamite stick of a growl wills the equally burdensome guitars to blow the rubble out of physical existence. That’s Vheissu in a nutshell.

To me, Vheissu is the penultimate to the end-all-be-all of what hardcore has become (call it “post-hardcore,” if it makes you feel better). The Receiving End of Sirens’s Between The Heart and the Synapse takes it about as far into the philosophy sphere  as it can go without breaking, but Vheissu gives it a vital boost in that direction. As far as music that strives to be as overwhelming as possible, Vheissu is the cream of the crop (in the interest of immediacy, I’ve neglected to edit this post for cliches. My Music Journalism professor would be peeved).

Enjoy “Stand And Feel Your Worth” to a Final Fantasy montage. If I can, I’ll dive into the coding to minimize the picture as much as possible. But no guarantees.