THE DAILY SHUFFLE: Socratic – “I Haven’t Seen You In Years”

by mikeflanagan1

Socratic is straight-up, shameless piano pop from the early 2000s. They came up at the tail end of Drive-Thru Records’s era of prosperity, which, as we all know, was also the beginning of the pop-punk label’s monstrous downfall. “I Haven’t Seen You In Years” appeared as the second track on the band’s Just Turn EP that nobody bought, which followed the 2005 LP, Lunch For The Sky, that nobody bought. Socratic’s melodic hooks were just a little bit too clever for the average dumbass music consumer, but not quite interesting enough to convince anyone who has a shit to give to give one. Unfortunately for Socratic, unless you’re name rhymes with Shmuce Shmingsteen, you can only write the same song so many times and expect anyone not to forget about you real quick.