DAILY SHUFFLE: The Beatles – “Norwegian Wood”

by mikeflanagan1

For some reason, the Beatles never stuck with me until very recently; even so, they’re just beginning to adhere. I knew it was inevitable, I suppose, if I continued to listen to, write, and write about rock music for much longer. This semester, I took a music journalism class that was more like a rock history crash course. I was the only one in the class not impeccably versed in Beatles history and discography (conversely, I was the only one who knew anything, or gave a fuck, about the Band, and one of few who could sing back a Bob Dylan song other than “Blowin’ In The Wind”), and I felt sorely out-of-place.

After reading my professor’s book, Tell Me Why, and listening to nothing but the Beatles for a few weeks, I finally got it. It’s hard for someone like me to fully delve into the Beatles because they are so ubiquitous in Western culture that their songs almost sound like white noise now. But to think about how they evolved from “Love Me Do” to Sgt. Pepper and back to Abbey Road in just seven years is an absolute mindfuck. At the risk of employing too many hyperbolic cliches, they defined a standard in rock that will stand until the rock’n’roll generations become the societal oppressors and another revolution takes over.

Anyway, “Norwegian Wood” is a good song off Rubber Soul.